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WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT ?  Airflow-Aroma Nebulising Diffusers…………

Conwy Valley Natural Beauty & Health have been awarded the distribution rights for the above product in the U.K. by the manufacturing parent company. They fully comply with all British & European Safety Directives in relation to small electrical devices, and are CE marked.

We have been trading now for a number of years in the Aromatherapy & Beauty market. Never in all those years have we seen a product that has been so innovative and with potential to be a leading brand in this growing market.

In the past we have sold a number of different ‘Aromatherapy Diffusers’ both electrical and the candle type. This product is by far the best unit we have ever evaluated. Taking safety and ease of use as a primary measure. The Airflow-Aroma Nebulising Diffusers have far out performed any other unit currently available in the U.K. this includes other electrically powered units that use a fan or ceramic heated plate/bowl for diffusing the Oils.

This is only our opinion and no doubt others will argue differently, but once you have used the diffuser you will be better placed to understand our point of view. The outer packing includes all the information you need to be able to set up and operate the unit in a few minutes, the instructions are clear and concise.

There are no hidden costs with these units – no replacement pads to buy, no candles to buy. Safety in use – no lit candles to have to take into consideration when thinking about placement of the Airflow-Aroma Nebulising Diffuser. The unit comes with an extended air tube, allowing for placement in the most convenient position for the user.

Once the unit is assembled and ready to use with the essential oil added, it will take only a matter of seconds to start and create the aroma of your choice. The Airflow-Aroma Nebulising Diffuser will fill any room up to 900 m2 with an attractive and ambient fragrance of your choosing. Smaller rooms will be much quicker to benefit from the aromas due to the very powerful and almost silent air-pump that ionises the very fine molecules that make up the essential oils.

This process makes the Airflow-Aroma Nebulising Diffuser unique in that the full biological benefits of an essential oil can be attained. Why is this? No heating of the oil takes place, which in effect will quickly render some of the finer particles of the diffused oil useless, as the micro molecules will be quickly ‘burnt off’ before the full effects can be inhaled by the user.

The small air pump has an output of 1.5 litres of air per minute under normal operating use. It is a 220v unit with ready attached three pin plug. The operating frequency (Hz) is at 60Hz The input is 2.5 watt. Outlet pressure is equal to 0.15kg/cm2. The noise level is minimal and within the range 28-30dB. The overall weight of the pump being 0.175kg.

The overall diffuser size is: Height 130mm (5.25 inches) x  Width 100mm (3.85 inches).

                    Close up showing the Unique Injector Nozzle (patented)


The above picture shows the unique injector in place, in the centre of the precision made base unit, this is supplemented by the non-return valve on the air tubing leading from the pump. This serves as a second check point to ensure the oil does not run back into the pump unit itself and cause any damage, this alone is an advantage over other models that are available.

The Unique Injector Nozzle (patented) allows for even the most viscous of the essential oil range to be diffused without clogging. This includes Patchouli and Sandalwood which we all know to be a very viscous oils in an un-adulterated state.

The glass Nebulising Chamber is made of a toughened laboratory type glass that is very durable in use, people often refer to it as PYREX, they will break if abused, but under normal operating use will last a long time (spares are available if required).It has been designed to stop the oil being thrown straight out of the top. At the top of the Chamber near to the beginning of the neck it is slotted inwards. This creates a shelf like stopper that prevents the oil escaping. Also included is a small wooden top which will cut out some of the noise from the air escaping when the unit is switched on., although this is minimal once in place the stopper almost completely eliminates the noise. The Airflow-Aroma Nebuliser can be used with or without the stopper.


 Close up showing glass Nebulising

Chamber &  wooden stopper.

The diffuser will fragrance the room much faster without the stopper in place.

 The 12 main points , and in order to make your choice to purchase easier, they are:

·        The next generation aromatherapy high quality diffuser.

·        Ultimate most natural exposure to essential oils.

  ·        Essential Oils diffused in full natural state without heating.       

  ·        Separate pump & chamber for more placement options.    

  ·        No oxidation, no fractionation of the essential oils.

  ·        Ionizing the oils for enhanced biological effect.

  ·        Easy to clean and to change oil being diffused.

  ·        Unique aesthetically pleasing design.

  ·        No heat and No candle, giving piece of mind in operation.

  ·        Very quite when in use, almost inaudible.

  ·        Consistent manufacturing for flawless performance.

  ·        Top quality packaging for retail environment, designed to avoid damage in transit. Perfect for gift wrapping for that special occasion.

If you would like an informal discussion regarding any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, to discuss your requirements. Or indeed to place your order. We would be only too pleased to assist you if we can.




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